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02 January 2011 @ 07:38 pm
Comic Gold for Academics  
I wish I could make this kind of shit up. Then they might hire me to write for television. However, this springs not out of my own imagination but out of the sophisticated intellect of one spectacular undergraduate, and forwarded to me by his professor. This is comedy gold for academics. Epic. Spectacular fail.

Hello professor Brown, my name is Stan Snowflake and I am in your Course 101.

I am emailing you because I just realized I missed the midterm. I already
missed the other test so I really can't afford to lose this one because I pretty
much bombed the first one.

Today, after your class at 3:35, which you let us out a little earlier than
usual, I could not wait until I got home in Main St. because today was the
delivery day of my Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber, and also I was really hungry.
by the time I got home, it was little past 4 o'clock. And I picked up my
lightsaber from the post office, went home, cooked dinner with my roommate, then
played with the lightsaber. It now was 7:00. Then I had to go Stop&Shop because
I ran out of food and I really needed to do shopping or else I would have
nothing to eat the next day. When I came back home, it was 8:30 and by the time
I put all the groceries and cleaned up the area, it was 9:30. Then we went to
the gym and worked out for about 90 minutes at Planet Fitness. By the time I got
back home, it was 10 minutes of 11, and I realized the 4th quarter of the
Celtics vs. the Cavaliers. There was only about 15 seconds left on the clock and
that the Celtics were winning by 3 points, and there was no way that I would
miss this critical point of the game. In the end we won. Then it was around
11:15 that I realized the test was due at 11 O'clock.

That is pretty much my story and excuse.
I am sorry for the long email and should have done my test before its due date
but as you can see, today was quite busy day for me.

Is there any way to make up for the late test?

Thank you.
Sincerely, Stanley
rokikurama on January 10th, 2011 06:08 am (UTC)
That... is a beautiful thing. Wow :-D Definitely just brightened my day (laughs).

How are you doing? How is the new year starting out?
debsinenglishdebsinenglish on January 17th, 2011 05:32 am (UTC)
Hi! Everything is great...love LA, love the program, and I love that I'm not in Amherst! What about you? I'd love to hear what life is like in your program! Are you happier than in your Masters? Let me know if you come out this way...